Novalis Concerts 2&3 on Radio

On Wednesday December 6th at 8pm CET you can listen to the Croatian National Radio’s recording of this year’s Novalis concerts that took place in Zadar on August 28th and 29th.

In this show (called “Izlog sadašnjice”) you can listen to Schallfeld Ensemble and Trio Catch performing works by Vito Žuraj, Mirela Ivičević, Sara Glojnarić, Martin Schüttler, Federik Neyrinck, Pia Palme, Marko Ciciliani, Lorenzo Romano and Christof Ressi.

Here is the weblink where you will find the concert recording. Click on the sublink with the above given date (Srijeda, 06. 12. 2017 20:00).

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